Casa La Marinada

For Sale

1.900.000 €

800 m2

A beautiful house for sale, built with 800m² of housing and 2300m² of land. Located in one of the best areas of Tarragona. About 700 meters from the beach, Playa Llarga. The house is divided into three separate apartments. The first apartment upstairs has 130m² of living space, 30m² of solarium, and about 350m² of land. The apartment has 3 bedrooms, a living room and 2 bathrooms.
The second apartment has 130m² of living space, 100m² of terrace, 56m² of garage, 58m² of storage room, and about 1000m² of land. Second floor has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
The third apartment below has 150m² of living space, 50m² of terrace, 700m² of land and 25m² of garage. The apartment has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
This highly desired tropical paradise can become your own home! Do not hesitate to contact us!